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The FREE 8-Day Easter Devotional and hand-drawn coloring pages.

The FREE 8-Day Easter Devotional and hand-drawn coloring pages.
April Blessings!

We are all in this together!

Hello friend.
None of us anticipated that our days were going to change so drastically in such a short time from normal to out of our comfort zones.

But we always have HOPE!

 GRATEFULNESS has new meaning if you are healthy.
THANKFULNESS is growing daily when you count all the blessings you still have.
 LOVE for your family is bearing fruit, knowing that we have TODAY!
KINDNESS is a smile or a waving hand from a distance just to show you care.
JOY is the overwhelming feeling when your loved ones walk through the door after a day at work, while being exposed to everything out there.
PEACE is not the absence of noise but rather the PRESENCE OF JESUS.
Knowing He is with us in these unprecedented times.

I have a special Easter Gift just for you!

With Holy Week starting and knowing that none of us will be celebrating this amazing week together in our Churches, I would love to send you all a special Easter gift, you can enjoy as a family together from PALM SUNDAY to EASTER SUNDAY.

I drew some coloring pages that would help make this amazing week for our kids and even for ourselves a little extra special. You can use your favorite coloring tools, markers, pencils or even crayons to enjoy these coloring pages as a family. One for every day, starting on Palm Sunday. 
It also includes an 8-Day Devotional with scripture-readings and prayers that you can download and print for FREE, a wonderful tool to guide your family through this amazing Easter Week.
May you and your family be blessed with these coloring pages this Easter, while making lasting memories together.
Blessings to you, dear friend.
Lynette Meintjes from The Wise Men Journey.

Download your FREE  8-Day Easter Devotional and hand-drawn coloring pages.

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