The Wise Men Journey

The Wise Men Journey searching for The King.

The Wise Men Journey searching for The King.

Are you looking for a family Christmas tradition?

… filled with truth and excitement! 

… wrapped with Love, Joy, Peace, and Kindness!

… teaching kids about Self-control, Patience, Goodness, Gentleness, and Faithfulness!

… a family tradition that sparks a love for Jesus, knowing that He is the true meaning of Christmas?



Well, let me tell you a little more about  The Wise Men Journey searching for The King!


The Wise Men Journey is a 25-day advent Devotional and interactive Treasure Box, filled with Christmas excitement and Scripture, for the whole family to enjoy!



Christmas is such a special time of the year, especially when you have young ones in the home. What an amazing opportunity as parents we have to use this time to teach our kids, that every day is a gift from the Lord - filled with hidden treasures to be discovered, drawing us closer to Jesus and knowing Him more!



The Wise Men Journey is an evening journey, because remember, the Wise Men had to travel at night to follow the Star

This is great news for parents because this Christmas Journey adds no stress before school, but rather special quality time for the family after dinner.



Starting on the evening of December 1st, without the kids knowing, hide the 3 wooden figurines and that day’s Treasure Word inside the treasure bag for them to find.



 A wonderful way to involve the teenagers would be for them to hide the Wise Men and treasure bag for the younger ones to find.   



 After putting on their pj's, the big search for the Treasure Word begins!



After discovering the Treasure Word, the kids can hang it either on the Christmas tree or from the mantelpiece, counting down to Christmas!



You can even add a few golden chocolate coins to the treasure bag, a little surprise from the gold of the Wise Men.


Then enjoy reading the 25-day advent Devotional as a family, through creative storytelling of the Christmas Bible story, short devotions for interaction, and prayers with the King of kings.


This is the best Christmas Tradition your family will ever find ... to be intentional about our focus on Christ through the Christmas season, while discovering new excitement and treasures in the Word of God.

Make memories together as a family amidst growing in the Word of God. 

That is the best Christmas ever!


Join us this December 1st, to discover 25 treasure words in the Word of God on the most amazing Christmas Journey ever!

Everyone is invited!

Visit to purchase your Wise Men Journey SET.


Lynette from The Wise Men Journey.








Dec 15, 2020 • Posted by Giseli Jewett

Hi, what’s is the Bible used for the devotional?

Dec 15, 2020 • Posted by Robin

This sounds amazing. How does one get the box and how much is it?

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