The Wise Men Journey

everyone is invited

In guiding your children through this journey and helping them to connect with God’s Word, each day has four different sections:

Is the memory verse your family can treasure in their heart.
By memorizing scripture, we treasure God’s Word, His truth in our hearts to strengthen our spirit and renew our minds.

The story is told in a colorful way with a purpose to invite everyone on this amazing journey.
We intentionally kept the scripture in purple, representing the royalty and majesty of our King of kings. Reading, hearing and recognizing the Word from the story, help us memorize God’s truth.

God’s Word is alive and it will always produce growing and pruning in our lives. This is where everyone gets to
participate with questions and thoughts, enjoying a family conversation.

What a privilege we have to communicate with the King of kings through prayer! Lead them in communicating
with the King, Jesus our Savior.
Allow the Holy Spirit to fill your heart with His truth and guide you on your journey every day.