The Wise Men Journey

Letter to the Reader

As a child, growing up in South-Africa, I enjoyed going on numerous treasure hunts with my family, finding clues and searching for the treasure. Now as a mom with two precious girls, I have a passion to share God’s Word with children and help them discover the excitement in His truth day by day.

Early on, my husband and I decided to only share the true Christmas story - the birth of our Savior - with
our girls from the age they could participate in the joy of Christmas. Reading through the entire Christmas story
in one evening was overwhelming for their little ears, and soon they would lose interest. Another thing we wanted to avoid was for them to put all their focus only on Christmas Day, but rather treasure the Lord’s blessing in our lives that He gives to us freely every single day.

Christmas-time should be about the Journey, searching for The King and worshiping Him.
Each one of us is on a journey.
The most important question is: “What are you searching for?” Worldly happiness or true joy?
Raising a generation who is always searching for instant gratification through the latest technology, it can be difficult or impossible to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Worldly excitement will always come to an end, and soon
the feeling of being happy will be empty again. That is why we have to teach our children, and remind ourselves, that the only joy we’ll ever find in this life, is the joy we find in Jesus. He alone will fill our hearts and ground our feet in the way we should go.

Psalm 119:105 says: Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (MEV)

Clothe yourself with the Living Word and memorize His truth, every day.
That is the reason why the Wise Men Journey was written!

The 25-day devotional will help you guide your family day by day on a Christmas journey, filled with excitement and truth. Everyone can discover the hidden treasures in the Word of God that will fill them with joy while searching for The King.

The True Christmas Love Story is of the King of kings, leaving His throne in Heaven to come into the world, so that we can have a relationship with Him!

Blessings to you dear friend.

Lynette Meintjes.