The Wise Men Journey


Lynette Meintjes was born in the beautiful country of South Africa, where she married her high school sweetheart and best friend, Francois. Soon after, they packed four suitcases and found their new home in Kansas, USA. They have two precious girls, Lisabella and Amelie and numerous forest animals who frequently visit their backyard. In their home, Afrikaans is the language they speak, love and treasure.

Lynette is an artist and photographer, delighting in the little joys of a cup of hot Rooibos tea, a few times a day. She absolutely adores spending time with her girls, going on nature walks geared with a sketchbook and picnic blanket.

Lynette has a passion to guide little ones in the Word of God, helping them to discover the treasures in His truth. On January 1st, 2016 the Holy Spirit prompted her to put down her paintbrush and pick up a pen, to start the journey of her first book. She gives all honor and praise to the Lord for patiently guiding her in His Truth – ever thankful for the blessing of sharing it with you.