The Wise Men Journey


1. What age group will enjoy the Wise Men Journey Devotional?

Everyone is invited to this Journey! If you want to search for The King and know His treasures, this Journey is for you. 

Children from ages 3-12 will LOVE the excitement to search for the wise men and discover treasure words. Through playing and fun, kids can learn so much.

For ages 13-17 this is a wonderful tool to start family conversations and discuss the THINK ABOUT IT-section.

Every parent or grandparent will enjoy the fun-filled evenings without having to do a lot of preparations other than hiding the wise men and the treasure word. This is the most wonderful time to make memories and discover new biblical treasures of truth.

Seniors in nursing homes will absolutely appreciate this beautifully written devotional to know that they are also invited on the journey to search for The King. 


2. How long will every night's devotional take?

The devotionals will take about 10-15 minutes, depending on how much fun the children have, searching for the wise men and treasure word. If some nights are too busy, you can easily catch up and do a few days on one night, so, no need to be hurried!


3. Why are the wooden wise men not painted?

We wanted to keep them organic and simplistic for a good reason, as to keep our focus on Chris. In this way, you can display them the whole year long without feeling the need to pack them away after Christmas.